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Areas of Competition

  • Private Interview

  • Private Interview consists of a seven-minute (7:00) interview conducted by the judges with each contestant.  The interview is designed to discover the contestant’s interests, opinions, aspirations, accomplishments, poise, presence, and her ability to fulfil the responsibilities of the title.  Traditional standard for business interview attire is most appropriate; however, contemporary trends that maintain the standard of business-appropriate are acceptable.

  • Community Platform

  • Community Platform consists of the combination of two components:  Pre- reality show social media/community work, and the reality show presentation of information.  Each contestant must select a platform issue/concept in which she cares deeply.  The platform should be relevant to our country and usable by social media outlets to inform, encourage, and/or inspire others.  The pre- reality show work will not be separately scored, but factored into the presentation at the reality show.  Contestants can use a wide range of tools to present their community work at the national reality show including but not limited to:  multimedia presentation, posters, flyers, brochures, reports, website/online content, etc…  Specific rules are submitted to each state representative once selected.

  • Fitness/Swimwear

  • Fitness/Swimwear displays each contestant’s ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle of nutrition and physical fitness.  Judges consider each contestant’s sense of confidence, attractiveness, and presence.  It is important to remember that it is not about any particular body style, shape or frame.  This category is more about how well he maintains good health, and his ability to represent the organization as a fitness/swimwear model.

  • Runway Fashion

  • Runway Fashion showcases each contestant’s ability to model fashion befitting for the runway.  Judges consider each contestant’s choice of attire, style, fashion-appeal, and presence.  Runway Fashion wardrobe choices should meet industry standards of appropriateness and design.  All choices should be tasteful, current, and relevant.  Judges are not only scoring the wardrobe selection, but also the manner in which he carries herself as a professional model.  Contestants should avoid formalwear, and should not select costumes that are not functional as apparel.evening pant suits, or long gowns.

  • Formal Wear

  • Formalwear reveals each contestant’s charm and poise to be considered FOAN’s Spokeswoman.  Judges consider each contestant’s choice of attire, class, and presence while modelling.  Formalwear presentation should project her attractiveness and composure.  Formalwear choices must not be business attire; however, trendy selections of high-fashion formalwear are acceptable.  Judges are not only scoring the wardrobe selection, but also the manner in which he carries himself as a professional model.  Contestants should avoid unapproachable projections.  Her style and class will be considered far more than the apparel alone..

  • On-Stage Question

  • On-Stage Question demonstrates each contestant’s ability to respond to a question in front of a live audience.  Judges are listening for each contestant’s capability to express her opinion while answering the question in the context of which it was asked.  Contestants are allowed forty-five seconds (0:45) to answer an on-stage question that could include but not be limited to subjects such as: current events, social issues, morals and values, etc…  Judges are not only scoring each contestant’s response on its sensibility, but also on how well he validated his opinion.

  • Talent

  • Talent consists of a two minutes and thirty seconds (2:30) performance.  Judges are looking for contestants with proficient training and presentational performance skills.  The talent category judges the quality of the performance, technical skill level, stage presence and the interest and entertainment value.